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Our Massages

Pharaon Massage

This massage uses special techniques (acupressure, foot and hand reflexology, soft stretching and deep tissue release) t... [Read More]

Chocolate Oil Massage

Full Body Massage with Chocolate oil is used to relax all the senses. This is a wonderful massage for aches & pains,... [Read More]

Hot stone massage

This full body massage is performed with hands and hot volcanic stones. It stimulates the blood circulati... [Read More]


This is a complete sports massage.This technique of strong and active massage warms and stretches muscles and resto... [Read More]

Cleopatra Massage

Perfect mix of various massages: reflexology, lymphatic, shiatsu, medical, aroma and hot stones or herbal Massage. Perfe... [Read More]

The anti-age secrets of Eve

Look younger with this miraculous detailed program: exclusive Eva mask with collagen, reflexology (hands and feet),... [Read More]

Massage anti-stress

A full body massage with aromatic oils.This massage from the foot to the head is adapted to your needs and decrease... [Read More]

Future Mom Massage

A program adapted to pregnant women including a lymphatic massage draining the two legs followed by a massage... [Read More]

Children's massage

The children also want to be pampered !!!The harmonious massage of children reinforces their body consciousness and... [Read More]

Egyptian foot reflexology

Reflexology has a fascinating history from the tombs of ancient Egypt to Cleopatra. This art lost since 1900 years has b... [Read More]

Massage à la carte

Possibilities of massages for men, women, pregnant women and children: - back massage.- massage of the legs.- mass... [Read More]

Massage at work

Why massage at work ??? Gives a good image of your company. Takes away stress and tiredness. Relieves pain in back... [Read More]

Massage At Home

Massage At Home: The massages are also available at your home. Choose the massage you want and pay for:   1 se... [Read More]


A gift to offer? Think to please !   Egypta Massage offers you gift vouchers to offer to everyone you love !! &n... [Read More]


We offer you our service of couples massage. Couples massage would help you to enjoy our massage therapy along with your... [Read More]